Turn Up For Jesus!

“When I think about Jesus, what he’s done for me. When I think about Jesus and how he’s set me Free, I just TURN UP! TURN UP! TURN UP! I CAN’T HELP IT! ALL THIS STUFF I DONE DEALT WITH!” Hip Hop Gospel Artist Canton Jones
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Thank You Father For This Season.

A Fallen Leaf

Thank You Father For This Season.

Thank you Heavenly Father for this season.

Jackets are worn and  the chilled air arrives.

I’m thankful for this season of hot cocoa and roasted marshmallows.

Soups on the stove and garlic bread to eat.

We can sit and watch the television with a blanket for added heat.

Laughing, eating, dancing, family full of glee;

Thankful for this season with thick socks on feet.

Comfort, joyful, onesies, gloves, booties, golden leaves fall from trees,……

Thank you Father for this season.

Thank you for rest and relief.

In Jesus name.


Jewel Webber (copyrights 2015)

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