I Am So Blessed.


Thank you Heavenly Father for blessing me.  I am blessed indeed. Thank you for picking me up and taking care of me. Help me to be be pleasing in your sight. I fall but you pick me up, dust me off and encourage me to try again. Thank you. I am so blessed. I love you. In Jesus name, with thanksgiving. Amen.

Tranquil Moments

Tranquil Moments

Tranquil Moments

Dear God,

Thank you for this day.

Thank you for peace and tranquil moments.

Meditating on your word and your ways,

Is how I survive these days.

Your peace you give unto me.

So, I meditate on your word, watch and pray.

In return you give me peace and tranquil moments.

Sickness creeps in through stress.

The cares of this world.

The cares of this world.

I can’t bother with the cares of this world.

Please Abba,

Please give me more peace and tranquil moments.

Tranquil moments(Jewel Webber ) copyright 2015

Image can be purchased at Virtuous Jewels



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