Meditation Corner-Flashback: I’m Under Attack!

Meditation Corner- Psalm 3

Meditation Corner- Psalm 1

Thank You Heavenly Father God for Mr. Martin Luther King Jr.

The Steps of the righteous are ordered by the Lord.

The Steps of the righteous are ordered by the Lord.Psalms 37:23Be Soaked In Prayer Thank you Heavenly Father for ordering our steps. Thank you for another day. We touch and agree for all who touch and agree with us here at Be Soaked In Prayer Ministries in the name of Jesus.Amen. JLW

Don’t Give Up!

Thank you Heavenly Father for a new day. Help us to get this right. Today is a fresh start. We start by saying thank you. Guide us, protect us, bless us with your mercies, and we thank you. May we be pleasing in your sight.  Protect us and our loved ones. In Jesus name weContinue reading “Don’t Give Up!”

Prayers 9/11

Heavenly Father God, We thank you for the opportunity to lift our brothers and sisters up in prayer. All power is in your hands. We are in the end times. We are commanded to pray for one another. We pray for our brothers and sisters in America. We remember this tragic day. A special prayerContinue reading “Prayers 9/11”

Good Morning Dear Heavenly Father,

I AM WELL. I am well. Thank you. Thank you. I smile because you love me. You love me. Love is a verb. In Jesus name, Amen. JLW copyright 2020

Happy Fathers Day Heavenly Father.

Happy Fathers Day Father God. In Jesus name. Amen.