I Declare and Decree!

Yellow Potted Flower

I declare today to be a joyful, happy and delicious day!!! My blessings chase me down and overtake me. I am blessed going in and blessed coming out.  The joy of The Lord will seep through my pores. Baby!!! Today and everyday of my life, I am blessed. My enemies will beg me bread. My enemies will be ashamed. I will feed them. I will sit at a bountiful table in the presence of my enemies. Every tongue that rose up and still rise up against me is now condemned. In Jesus name. Lies and secret meetings held to do me harm have been exposed, in Jesus name. I glorify God for my ministry,  health, organizations, properties, etc….. To God be the glory   Always and forever more. Amen. Besoakedinprayer@wordpress.com

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