I Am So Blessed.


Thank you Heavenly Father for blessing me.  I am blessed indeed. Thank you for picking me up and taking care of me. Help me to be be pleasing in your sight. I fall but you pick me up, dust me off and encourage me to try again. Thank you. I am so blessed. I love you. In Jesus name, with thanksgiving. Amen.

A Little Quiet Time With God.

A Little Quiet Time With God.A Little Quiet Time With God.

Just a little quiet time with God.

Is all He asks.

So that we can commune.

He has so much to tell me.

I only need to be still.

Still small voice.

His still small voice.

His whisper makes me cry.

His whisper makes me cry.

Just a little quiet time with God.


(Copyright) Jewel Webber

Today Was Good Day.

Well, everyday is a good day as long as I’m alive. Agree? Today I smiled more. My spirit was happy. I had this anticipation in my soul. It’s as if something wonderful is about to happen. I’m going to hold on to that.

Heavenly Father,

Thank you for today. Thank you for the treasures of this day. I have a feeling that something wonderful is about to happen and I thank you. I’m thankful in advance. I’m thankful for all things. I’m thankful for smiles, roses, good thoughts, joy, laughter, gifts, unexpected blessings,………………….You said to keep my mind on praise worthy things. I thank you Father. I thank you. I’m just thankful. Thank you Father for this day. In Christ Jesus name. Amen

Love Jewel

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