We Walk By Faith and Not by Sight.

Thank You Father God for Your word that says, “We walk by faith and not by sight.” Thank You Father for we declare those things that are not as though they were. Thank You Father for the stirring up of my soul. For I am blessed and highly favored by God and man. Thank youContinue reading “We Walk By Faith and Not by Sight.”

More to Be Said (a poem)

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Words wound tightly around wounds from which our memories unwind, Words said without thought, Words leveled against enemies in haste, Words full of truth but lacking in grace. —————————————————————— Words of the heart misshapen and leaving intentions mistaken, Words written without love, Words spat out to the world with…

I Am The Great I Am.

You Are the great “I Am” Dear God. You are my Heavenly Father. You are my hope. You are my breath. You are my life. There is no God besides you. There is no one that I can run to. You are my Peace. You are my desire. I need you. I depend on you.Continue reading “I Am The Great I Am.”