Thank You Father For This Season.

A Fallen Leaf

Thank You Father For This Season.

Thank you Heavenly Father for this season.

Jackets are worn and  the chilled air arrives.

I’m thankful for this season of hot cocoa and roasted marshmallows.

Soups on the stove and garlic bread to eat.

We can sit and watch the television with a blanket for added heat.

Laughing, eating, dancing, family full of glee;

Thankful for this season with thick socks on feet.

Comfort, joyful, onesies, gloves, booties, golden leaves fall from trees,……

Thank you Father for this season.

Thank you for rest and relief.

In Jesus name.


Jewel Webber (copyrights 2015)

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Published by besoakedinprayer

Have you ever felt like you just needed to pray? You just didn’t know how? Or you wanted to pray but didn’t know where to go? Well Precious, this is the place. Let’s lift each other up in prayer. We all need it. We all need it. It’s expedient. This is a clean christian site which is full of prayers, inspiration, hope,love, etc….. If you have inspirational prayers you'd love to send, you can send to : On that note, Let’s Pray. Father God, We come before you in the marvelous name of Jesus. We come together to thank you for all that you have done for us. You are our everything and we give you praise. Hallelujah!!! Praise your holy name. You’re our Provider, our Healer, our Father, and we thank you. We thank you and we bless your Holy Name. Touch this site Dear God! Bless this site Dear God. May it bring you glory. May it do what you have called it to do. In the marvelous name of Jesus. Amen and we love you. Be Soaked In Prayer

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