After I’ve Done All I Can, ….. I Will Stand. Dear God, Thank YOU for this day that we hold as our Sabbath. This day of rest. God, rest is NOT something that I'm used to. I'm almost always Seeking, Knocking, Asking,.... Seeking for a better opportunity, Knocking for progress, Asking for better,...... I really don't know how I PERSISTED for this long.  Well, … Continue reading After I’ve Done All I Can, ….. I Will Stand.

Confession, Prayer and Healing

Father,         I come before your presence touching and agreeing for all(including myself) who need healing. Father, we have fallen short. I ask you Father to heal us of our iniquities. Heal us of our sins, known and unknown. We confess our sins of ................. To you Father God and we ask … Continue reading Confession, Prayer and Healing