Father, We Bind The Spirit Of Witchcraft In The Name Of Jesus.

Heavenly Father, We need you! Some don’t wish us well. They conspire to do us harm behind our backs. They have hired demonic help to destroy us. Father, we ask that you destroy the works of their hands. Your word says, “Touch NOT my annointed and do my prophets no harm.” You word says, ”Continue reading “Father, We Bind The Spirit Of Witchcraft In The Name Of Jesus.”

Good Morning Dear Heavenly Father,

I AM WELL. I am well. Thank you. Thank you. I smile because you love me. You love me. Love is a verb. In Jesus name, Amen. JLW copyright 2020

Prayers For Nashville

  Father God,  We thank you. We thank you for your mercies. We thank you for help. Help us to help the people of Nashville. Help us to be prepared if this should  happen to us. May you bless us that we may bless one another. This we ask with thanksgiving, in the name ofContinue reading “Prayers For Nashville”