Reflections Over Coffee


Right now, I’m sitting down, having a cup of coffee at Starbucks and reading Our Daily Bread. I read this passage the other day( December 16- Holy Is Your Name). This daily reading focuses on Exodus 20:1-7. The verse focus was “You shall not misuse the name of The Lord your God(verse 7).” I didn’t get it when I first read it the other day. My interpretation of using Gods name in vain was the obvious ways that I’ve been guilty of (ex. ” I swear to ..,” “As God is my witness”, ” Oh God”,….) and still am. Let’s keep it funky. I’m no saint. I’m trying with the help of God. Christ’s blood redeems me and the seal of His precious Holy Spirit keeps me. The redemption through Christ’s Blood makes me a saint and not my own works. I try my best. I’m a work in progress. Back to my point, the writer talks about “teaching, writing, or speaking from scripture carelessly.” The author says that when we do this, we ” misuse His name.” It makes more sense to me now. I understand what the writer of this “Daily Bread”page is trying to say. The writer then encourages us to ” honor God’s name and to pay closer attention to using His Word carefully and accurately. Anything less dishonors Him.”
Let us pray.
Heavenly Father,
We come before You in the precious name of Jesus. We praise You and honor You for the word. We thank You for clarity. Thank You for understanding. Father, we ask You to forgive us for using Your word carelessly. Please, forgive us Heavenly Father. Help us to speak the truth in love. Help us to speak Your word with dignity and integrity. We thank You this day, In Jesus name. Amen.
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